MDF Training & Consultancy: Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

MDF Training & Consultancy biedt cursussen aan in De Bosrand in Ede.

Cursus: Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

Traning period:
17 – 21 September 2012

Understand the financial consequences of your decisions
Development organisations are under pressure to prove their effectiveness. Proving their accountability has become a constant companion in their mission. Proper management and thorough reporting of finances is fundamental in maintaining relationships with funding agencies, governments and other stakeholders. For decision making purposes, it is necessary to be able to appraise financial information.

You are a manager, adviser or desk officer involved in planning and implementing development interventions, or you are involved in the management of development organisations. You are responsible for (certain areas of) financial management related to your organisation but you don’t have a specific financial background.

Course Objectives:
At the end of the course you will:

  • Have knowledge of financial management essentials and the role of financial management in international cooperation
  • Have insight in financial management terminology, techniques and tools
  • Be able to make an adequate analysis of the financial position and performance
  • Know how to integrate financial management into the M&E system of your project or organisation
  • Be able to elaborate sound and sustainable financial plans, strategies and policies
Duur van de cursus: 1 week



Vice Versa

24 februari 2012