MDF: Management course for Development practitioners (English and French)

19 Sep – 14 Oct 2011
Note: there will be two language groups – English and French

The debates on Aid are changing and influence how your stakeholders perceive your activities and results. Consequently, managerial responsibilities and tasks become even more multi-faceted. This course will equip you with essential management tools and strengthens your skills to become a successful manager.

The course introduces you to the different roles and tasks of a manager in the life cycle of a development intervention. You will be able to apply a set of methods and tools that allows you to manage in a more successful and transparent manner. You will become familiar with contemporary aid and financing modalities and become aware of the context in which you operate. You learn to analyse the capacity of your organisation and manage change based on your development results. You will make a field trip to relate practical classroom learning with reality.

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