MDF: Training of Trainers

22 – 26 August 2011

Training can be a powerful tool to enhance the performance of your team. It can be equally effective in building capacities of your clients, partner organisations and beneficiaries. However to be successful, you need to design en deliver it carefully.

This course provides you with theory, skills, tools and practice to develop and implement effective training programmes. You will learn to be sensitive to issues you encounter in the adult learning process.  At the end of the course you will be able to assess training needs and set learning objectives. You will learn to use appropriate interactive training methods and materials and you will know how to design and facilitate participatory training sessions.

You will participate in exercises on curriculum development, lesson planning, material development and evaluation of training programmes. During the course you will be working on the design of a training programme for your own organisation and you will develop a personal action plan.

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20 mei 2011