Knowledge Management for Development

Knowledge Management is about having the right information in the right place at the right time, and is critical for effective and efficient operations in the development field. Knowledge Management is about working smarter by having access to information when you really need it. It focuses on the processes that capture, filter and assimilate organisational knowledge, streamlining these processes for maximum utilisation in support of organisational goals.
You will have gained insight in the uniqueness and relevance of knowledge in development settings. You will learn the different concepts that are associated with knowledge management. You will be able to develop a knowledge management strategy suitable for your organisations and context. You will learn different practical tools and approaches, and gain insight in the importance and adoption of effective technology to support knowledge processes. Finally, you become acquainted to look at the human factor of knowledge management, about the importance of HRM and leadership to support a flourishing knowledge culture.

MDF, Ede, the Netherlands

Thomas Hurkxkens

22 april 2010