Somo: Tax seminar

Tax Seminar
The Netherlands as a tax haven: current research, policy and trends
8 June 2012 14.00-18.00
University of Amsterdam
Room A0.08
Oude Manhuispoort 4-6
1012CN Amsterdam

The Netherlands plays a central role in the global tax avoidance industry by offering a combination of domestic legislation and fiscal infrastructure that facilitates international tax planning. Although there has been a surge of public debate on tax justice issues such as financial secrecy, capital flight and campaigns for fairer tax systems, research to assess the impact of the governance gap surrounding tax is lagging behind.

This seminar invites researchers, journalists and NGOs to discuss the current state of affairs by presenting facts and figures, mapping policy proposals and the political debate, and identifying future research prospects within and outside of academia

The aim of the seminar is for different stakeholders (NGOs, journalists and academics) to exchange information and identify possible synergies, as well as to put tax justice on the agenda of the relevant academic disciplines of law, political sciences and economics. Three panels will provide short presentations on the relevant topics, followed by questions from seminar participants and panelists. The final panel will identify research gaps and discuss possible future strategies with the aim of linking the research and policy agendas.

All participants are invited for closing drinks from 18.00 onwards.


The seminar is free of charge, however, for internal planning purposes please let us know via whether


you will join the seminar and/or the drinks afterward.


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