Participative workshop Facilitating Learning Processes

Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg

15 november 2011

In the workshop we will balance three focus points.
One focus point is facilitation. With the typical CDRA flavour we will work with skills and approaches for Developmental Facilitation. That is working with the ‘inside out’ recognizing that as a facilitator you first need to strengthen and develop yourself before you can begin to contribute to the development of others.
The other focus point is learning. When is a process a learning process? And what does this ask from the organisational learning facilitator to initiating and leading organisational learning culture, rhythms and practices?
The third focus point is organisation. What does developmental facilitation and learning processes ask of organisational culture, values and relationships?

The Barefoot Guide 2 Learning Practices in Organisations and Social Change, chapter 12 (Harvesting Experience: learning how people learn) and chapter 15 (Creative Space: designing and facilitating learning spaces) will form a particular resource in this workshop: see

What will the workshop bring you?
The workshop offers an opportunity to experience, critically examine, reflect on development practice and in particular the practice of facilitation and learning. Participants will have an opportunity to experiment with their actual work in a safe environment, getting feedback and building their facilitation practice.
The purpose of the workshop is to inspire, encourage and better equip facilitators to work with organisational learning processes in their organisations, alliances, networks and with partners.

Key outcomes for participants:
• A conceptual understanding of developmental facilitation.
• Being introduced to and practicing a developmental approach to facilitation.
• A better understanding of action and horizontal learning as core processes of development.
• Introducing an action learning (research) orientation practicing collecting qualitative data / information, sense making, drawing learnings for action that make a difference.
• To better understand and facilitate processes that improve an organisation’s learning culture.
In the workshop several opportunities will be offered to working with issues and questions that participants have about their own organisational (alliance) actual learning question or agenda.

Practical Information
Facilitating Learning Processes


Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg, The Netherlands


Tuesday November 15th – Friday November 18th, 2011

Rubert Van Blerk (CDRA, South Africa), Arja Aarnoudse (PSO, The Netherlands)

Members of PSO pay € 300, other pay € 600, including accommodation

Registration, indicating: Facilitating Learning Processes.
We work with a limited amount of participants (16-18); After registration an intake interview with skype or phone will be planned

See the invitation for the participative workshop.
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