Live-Stream Seminar: Rights-based versus Market-based development

De seminar ‘Rights-based versus Market-based Development: A false dichotomy for small-scale Farmer?’ is donderdag 3 maart van 12:30 -16:30 uur via live-stream te volgen.

‘Rights-based versus Market-based Development: A false dichotomy for small-scale Farmers?’ will take place in Stockholm on 3 March 2011. It is the second in a series of series of provocative seminars examining the assumptions, impacts, evidence, benefits and risks of “making markets work” for small-scale farmers.

Billed as “provocations”, each seminar in the series brings invited “provokers” together with local and international participants for three hours of debate, streamed and interactive on the web. Between September 2010
and June 2011, five provocations are planned in European cities, with the possibility of additional events in 2012.

The series is supported by the Hivos Knowledge Programme, Small Producer Agency in the Globalized Market. The series is organized by a consortium of research and advocacy organizations, led by the International Institute for
Environment and Development (IIED), Hivos and Mainumby. As a collaborating partner, UNRISD will co-host a provocation on inclusive business and producer empowerment in June 2011.

‘Rights-based versus Market-based Development’ can be viewed as a live video stream on 3 March 2011. Viewers of the live stream can submit their own perspectives and ask questions in real

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Krista Russchen

02 maart 2011