MDF: Creativity in Organisational Problem Solving

MDF Training & Consultancy biedt van 20 t/m 24 juni de cursus ‘Creativity in Organisational Problem Solving’ aan:

No organisation is perfect. Some perform better than others. Why is this? Of the multiple reasons and solutions, this course dives into the creative aspects. We demystify ingenuity, offer you inventive tools, and help you applying them in your organisation successfully.

You will be working intensively during one week in a small group of managers. You will be applying different creativity tools and capable organisation concepts. This will help you redefining the issue and enables you taking the first, creative steps to solve the organisational problem that has been nagging you for so long. We will guide you through a number of measures that will lower the chances that a similar issue will hamper your organisation in the future.

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Krista Russchen

14 februari 2011