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Changing the Game: Shifting the power from the Global North to the South

During the third week of the Change the Game debate Vice Versa examines the role of western NGOs in the process of local fundraising and claim-making. Who takes the lead in the collaboration and how does this affect the competition between them? Are organizations willing to transfer the power from the North to the South? Do they really want to change the game? Vice Versa asked this question to three Dutch development organizations: Woord en Daad, Save the Children and the private initiative Knowledge for Children.


Fundraising as a unique, Dutch export product

‘Now is the time to invest in emerging economies!’ argued Marjolein de Rooij in a previously published article on this website. De Rooij, an expert in the field of international fundraising, sees ample fundraising opportunities that are not made use of in practice. In the context of the Change the Game debate the plea De Rooij makes is still relevant.