Fian Nederland presenteert: Film Screening: Lands & right

Fian Nederland presenteert:
two documentaries introduce the international conference “Lands and Rights in Troubled Waters. They show paradigmatic conflicts in the Cauca/Colombia and in the Amazon/Brazil which are subject of the research and activities carried out by the LAR project.

18.00 – 19.15 La Toma (30 min)
Artisanal gold mining versus corporate interests. The struggle of an afro-Colombian community in the Cauca Valley for their land and livelihoods. Discussion with guest speakers from Colombia: The community La Toma, Friends of the Earth Colombia, national University of Colombia and Fian.

19.15-19.45 break with drinks and snacks

19.45 – 21.15 Killerbean (40 min)
The conflicts caused by the rapid expansion of soy monocultures in
West Pará are multiple: land grabbing, land conflicts, deforestation and
loss of biodiversity. Defending the rights and livelihoods of the affected local communities is risky.

Discussion with guest speakers from Brazil: Comissão Pastoral da Terra Santarém, UFOPA.

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Woensdag 6 juni, 18.00-21.30
Utrecht Universiteit
Drift 13, room 004


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