MDF Training & Consultancy: Value Chain Development

MDF Training & Consultancy biedt cursussen aan in De Bosrand in Ede.

Cursus: Value Chain Development

Training Period:
1 – 5 October 2012

Providing practical tools and structures facilitation:
Value Chain Analysis enables us to understand competitive challenges and to identify vertical coordination mechanisms. Value Chain Development aims to improve access to markets and increase efficiency, ensuring that all actors including the resource-poor, benefit. This new course blends the previous Value Chain Concept course and Facilitation course into one comprehensive Value Chain Development course.

You are an expert on private sector development in need of practical tools to analyse sectors and design leveraged interventions. You are working for a NGO, government agency, donor or consultancy company searching for approaches and instruments that enable pro-poor value chain development.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course you will be able to design value chain development projects. You will learn how to analyse sub sectors and value chains, and how to apply practical tools to select value chains that have potential for pro-poor growth. You will enhance your analytical skills to determine market requirements and identify competitive challenges.

You will understand the different roles that the relevant stakeholders play in developing value chains and learn to develop matching strategies. You will be able to recognise prevailing value chain models and you will be introduced to facilitative and financial instruments.

This course is designed and conducted in association with Hans Posthumus Consultancy.
Duur van de cursus: 1 week

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22 februari 2012