MDF Training & Consultancy: Alliance and Network Management Course

MDF Training & Consultancy biedt cursussen aan in De Bosrand in Ede.

Cursus: Alliance and Network Management: Dynamics and Accountability

Training period:
4 – 8 June 2012
26- 30 November 2012

Align your network and provide sustainable results
Alliances, platforms and networks are essential to achieve sustainable development results. Joint efforts, either forced from outside or motivated by own choice, require trust between different actors; civil society, private sector and governments. In this course you explore essential aspects of network dynamics and what it means managing these dynamics and show your networks results.

You are a manager and/or participating in a network. You want to understand the network dynamics and how your own behaviour influences the success of the network.

Course Objectives:
At the end of the course you will:

  • Be able to analyse the life cycle of a network, also in specific cultural contexts
  • Be able to define your role and how to adjust it
  • Have practised how to deal with network dynamics
  • Be able to define the difference between network results and process indicators
  • Know how the network can create accountability for the results

This course is designed and conducted in cooperation with Dr. Eelke Wielinga, Link Consult, one of the leading Dutch experts in networking.

When you follow both ANM courses, the total fee is € 3400, a discount of 20%.
Duur van de cursus: 1 week

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23 februari 2012