SID lezing: William Savedoff met ‘Towards Multipolarity? New models for international cooperation’

SID organiseert een lezing met William D. Savedoff: ‘Towards Multipolarity? New models for international cooperation’

William Savedoff is senior fellow in het Center for Global Development en opgeleid aan Boston en Harvard. In deze SID-lezing zullen wij de combinatie van gezondheidszorg en ontwikkelingsbeleid onder de loep nemen. Hoe kunnen zij elkaar versterken en worden zij goed ingezet?

After World War II, multilateral organisations were the main channel for cooperation by their member states.  Many of these international institutions have been unable to address new challenges and are having difficulty adjusting to geopolitical shifts, new forms of civil society organisation, expanding power of global corporations, and growing numbers of overlapping regional and sub-regional institutions. In this fluid multipolar setting, how can states, NGOs, corporations and citizens collaborate on issues that require global cooperation? Will states cede some of their authority to supranational organisations or will participation remain essentially voluntary? Are new forms of international cooperation emerging in which the role of the state may be secondary to other social actors? How might existing international organisations evolve to fill new roles?

William D. Savedoff is senior fellow at the Center for Global Development (CGD) where he works on aid effectiveness, corruption and health policy. He also co-authored ‘Cash on Delivery Aid’ with Nancy Birdsall. Before joining CGD, Savedoff prepared and advised development projects for the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Health Organization, and as senior partner at Social Insight, he worked for partners including Transparency International and the World Bank.

Evelijne Bruning, director of The Hunger Project, will lead the discussion.

Logistical details: Date: Monday 16 April 2012/ Location: Auditorium, VU University,De Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam / Time: 18:00-19:30 (drinks at 19:30) / Language: English Admission: Free / Please register through / Website:

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20 februari 2012