Conference Malaria no more!

Malaria No More! Netherlands (MNM) supports innovative ways of malaria control and is determined to shift towards elimination. Malaria elimination can only be achieved by self-reliant community-driven investments and action.

Our conference creates an inspiring environment for presentations and discussions (keynote lectures, plenary discussions, world café with laptop sessions). We will remove barriers and together work out a few models for community driven malaria control.

Preliminary program

Scientific Pitches by Expert Partners: the Big Malaria Puzzle
What Malaria Means to Africa, keynote 1 Prof. Wilfred Mbacham, University of Yaoundé I, Multilateral Initiative on Malaria Africa
Empowerment, People and Politics Against Malaria, keynote 2
Presenting Malaria Case Studies, market place and laptop sessions
Financing Models for Malaria Control and Elimination, keynote 3

Think tank round 1
Malaria elimination by the community: knowledge, mobilization, organization and change

Think tank round 2
Malaria elimination by the community: financing and investment models Closure

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24 januari 2012