Symposium: Business As Development

The Koninklijk Instituut Van Ingenieurs KIVI NIRIA invites you to visit our symposium which will be held on Saturday the 8th of October 2011. The title of the symposium is “business as development” and will focus on how engineers can start or have started sustainable businesses which will contribute to the growth of developing countries.

The location of the symposium will be the superb tram museum of the city of the Hague of which the old trams will be accessible during the symposium. Former Dutch minister of Defense, professor doctor engineer Joris Voorhoeve, will be the keynote speaker. After our keynote speaker there will be 12 sessions which will present field experiences from various experts in various sectors.

The symposium is open for everybody who is interested in engineering solutions and / or business opportunities for developing countries.  Besides receiving field experiences, there will be ample opportunity for questions and discussions.  So be you an experienced engineer, student, development worker, NGO official or just interested, you are most welcome to our symposium. Please do register here>>

Round 1 (11:15 AM)

  • Session 1.A: Robert Swartbol,  ministry of Foreign Affairs, new development policy
  • Session 1.B:  Leon Simons, Fortune cooker, business experiences with solar
  • Session 1.C:  Field experiences with construction
  • Session 1.D: Field experiences with water

Round 2 (13:15 PM)

  • Session 2.A: Thiery Sanders, Business in Development, entrepreneurs without borders
  • Session 2.B: Aart van den Breukel, Safisana, field experiences with water cleansing
  • Session 2.C:  Field experiences with agriculture
  • Session 2.D:  Field experiences of Engineers Without Borders

Round 3 (14:45 PM)

  • Session 3.A: Sustainable trade
  • Session 3.B: Winddrinker, field experiences with wind energy
  • Session 3.C:  Business experiences with electronics
  • Session 3.D: Business experiences with housing
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