Learning from the South

Learning from the South
Insights from popular education in South Africa

Date:    Thursday September 29, 2011
Time:   Lecture 9.30 – 12.00 hours (coffee/tea available from 9.00h.) ; Workshop 12.00 – 16.00 hours (including lunch)
Where:   De Witte Vosch, Oudegracht 46, 3511 AR in Utrecht
Guest speakers: Ms Talent Nyathi and Ms Jude Clark (www.grailprogrammes.org.za)

This Context MasterClass lecture offers you a unique opportunity to get inspired by examples of civic engagement in South Africa. Our guest speakers Ms Talent Nyathi and Ms Jude Clark are two experienced trainers from Kleinmond, South Africa. They work for Training for Transformation, an international training institute working on strengthening capacity for social change.

Staff members of Training for Transformation train a new level of leadership in development education whose theory is grounded in practice.  It helps development practitioners gaining new knowledge, insights, and skills of how to identify local issues, engage with local authorities and connect the community based organisations to national and international civil society movements.

In this lecture Ms Talent Nyathi and Ms Jude Clark will share their knowledge on how to link local and national initiatives to global civic movements, which links closely to global citizenship. Furthermore they will add new impulses to the debate with regard to development education in the Netherlands. Take part in this lecture and discover what you can learn from this Southern perspective.

Following the lecture an optional workshop (werkatelier) will be held. Here you can set to work to apply the insights of the lecture within a small group. During this workshop civic engagement in the South will be linked to issues and dilemma’s from your own work practice.

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Admission for the lecture and workshop is free. But we would like you to register for the event in advance. You can do this online, please click here to register. Please indicate whether you register only for the lecture or also want to participate in the workshop. Early registration is recommended, since the number of available seats is limited. Visit www.contextmasterclass.nl or send an e-mail to info@contextmasterclass.nl for additional information on this meeting.
This Context MasterClass is organised in cooperation with CIDIN (Radboud University Nijmegen), the Gerrit Huizer Stichting and is sponsored by Emotive.

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