MDF & PSO: Network approaches and Alliance management

What are the issues to solve for managing networks properly? Is it possible anyway?

Networks, alliances, coalitions, multi stakeholder partnerships, federations, platforms, value chains, etc., etc…: nobody escapes from the reality that the dynamics that matter are no longer confined to organisations or projects. Yet, most of the common methodologies for management, funding and M&E, have been developed for hierarchies.

How can we deal with the new reality? How can you manage networks? We challenge you as network practitioners to explore ways to increase the capacity of the network to perform its role and to deliver desirable
results. What are the issues to solve for managing networks properly? Is it possible anyway?

MDF & PSO jointly organise a working conference about Network Approaches and Alliance Management.

The leading questions are: What kind of management is required in networks? And how does this
relate to common tools for project management, tools for monitoring and evaluation, and requirements for getting funding for projects?

Based on two concrete case experiences, we jointly will analyse them against the network approach we use in practice and research. With you we hope to discuss your experiences in networking, and any other network approaches you use.

As the organisers of this expert meeting, we wish to exchange experiences and views with you as practitioners, and to identify what issues regarding network management need to be addressed. What are the puzzles to solve, and what pearls are there to be found in the experiences we share at this meeting that might be helpful for finding
more answers?

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13 april | 13:30 -17:00 | Hoog Brabant te Utrecht

Krista Russchen

17 maart 2011