Context International Cooperation organiseert: NGO Leadership Masterclasses

Context International Cooperation organiseert in samenwerking met Alan Fowler van 14 juni t/m 17 juni 2011: NGO Leadership Masterclasses.

14th June Masterclass 1: The Dilemma of NGO identity
15th June Masterclass 2: Leading for Resilience
16th June Masterclass 3: Capacity Building 2.0
17th June Masterclass 4: Managing for Complexity

Successfully leading NGOs involves overcoming ‘wicked’ problems. These are critical issues and dilemmas for the whole organisation that have multiple, interdependent causes and many possible, complicated solutions. These Master Classes will focus on four areas where these problems are often found: NGO Identity, Resilience, Capacity Building and Managing Complexity.

The series is designed for people with leadership authority and accountability: CEOs, directors, senior managers and those whose professional growth is in this direction.

Drawing on collective experience, with reflexive dialogue and insights from recent innovations and publications, the courses will enable participants to identify ways to surmount these problems and communicate a way forward.

Register now for the NGO Leadership Master Classes by sending an email to with your name, organisation, job title and a list of Master Classes you wish to attend. Each event will be limited to 18 people. Registration allocated on a first come first served basis.

Date: Tuesday June 14 –  Friday June 17 | De Witte Vosch, Utrecht |Costs: €400-, per Master Class*

More information can be found on the website: or send an email to Annelieke Brackel:

*a discount will be given if you like to attend more than one day

Krista Russchen

01 maart 2011