MDF: Outcome Mapping

MDF Training & Consultancy biedt van 12 april t/m 15 april de cursus ‘Outcome Mapping’ aan:

Development processes are multi-dimensional by nature. How to manage it? Rather challenging! To tackle this, OM offers a non-linear, vision-driven approach with a focus on changes of behaviours, relationships, actions of the people and organisations in the development program.

This course will help you to address the following issues:

• How do we move beyond attribution and focus on supporting social change?

• How can we capture the richness of what is occurring in our development interventions without relying only on pre-defined anecdotal evidence?

• How do we integrate learning from monitoring and evaluation into the project and programme right from the planning stage?

You will be able to organise joint monitoring and evaluation processes with development partners to enhance both programme and organisational learning. You will draw parallels with other planning, monitoring and evaluation methods and organise ideas to fit to your context most effectively.

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Krista Russchen

14 februari 2011