MDF:Human Resource Management in International Context

MDF Training & Consultancy biedt van 6 t/m 10 juni de cursus ‘Human Resource Management in International Context’ aan:

People are the most valuable asset of your organisation. Tapping into that asset is a real challenge. How to motivate staff to perform at their best? How to create the optimum environment to enhance employees and their capacities? Especially in an international context, this is easier said than done. Therefore, effective HRM must be tailored to your organisation, its cultural values and its available human resources.

This course will have expanded your knowledge of systems and tools for Human Resource Management (HRM) in development organisations. You understand the different strategies, systems and approaches towards performance management and learn about the more strategic role of the HR manager in the organisation. You will have practiced your personal skills needed in HRM such as communication, cross-cultural understanding, staff motivation, coaching and developing clear job profiles linked to the organisations’ objectives. You will leave the course with proposals to improve HRM within your own organisation and you will have improved your own skills to execute this strategy.

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Krista Russchen

14 februari 2011