Guardian: Vrouwenbesnijdenis in Afrika neemt af

African women, including Senegalese hip-hop star Sister Fa, are leading a successful campaign against the widespread practice of female circumcision.
In Africa, if you play music in an open space, any music, then people will generally come. “It is the way to reach people, to bring them together.” So says Sister Fa, a Senegalese urban soul and hip-hop star who has been lending her voice to a remarkable new drive against female circumcision in 12 of the countries worst affected by the practice across the continent.

The first report into a United Nations  project that began in 2008 has shown remarkable success rates with more than 6,000 villages and communities in six countries already abandoning the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) – also known as cutting or female circumcision – with the numbers growing every month.

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Krista Russchen

09 februari 2011