Rwanda bezorgd over Nederlandse hulp

Het Begrotingsdebat Buitenlandse Zaken trok zelfs in Rwanda de aandacht. Daar dachten ze  even dat Nederland alle hulp aan Rwanda zou stoppen. Nederland heeft echter nog nooit algemene begrotingssteun aan Rwanda gegeven. De motie van ChristenUnie, waarin zij de sectorale begrotingssteun aan Rwanda wilde verwerpen, werd verworpen. Vals alarm dus in Rwanda.

Dutch aid to Rwanda will continue – says Dutch Embassy

Thursday, 16 December 2010 11:10 by Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherland

KIGALI – The Netherlands will continue giving development aid to Rwanda. A report by RNA yesterday (‘Rwanda tells Netherlands: “Just keep your money!”’) that the Dutch Government had decided to stop its aid to Rwanda is not true. It is based on a wrong interpretation of the debate yesterday in Dutch Parliament.

The decision taken concerns the overall use of the aid modality called General Budget Support. Due to cuts in the budget for development cooperation and a more critical attitude towards this specific aid modality, the Dutch government has decided to substantially reduce the funds for General Budget Support in a number of mainly African countries.

As no General Budget Support had been planned for Rwanda this decision has no impact on the level of Dutch aid to Rwanda. Rwanda has never received any General Budget Support from the Netherlands. A planned first disbursement of three million euro in late 2008 was cancelled after the release of a UN report on the role of Rwanda in Eastern DRC. A decision on the future use of the modality was still pending. The Dutch government has now decided against it.

Discussion on other aid modalities and the final budget decisions 2011 is still continuing, including on sector budget support to Rwanda.

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,

Bron: Rwanda News Agency Site.

Selma Zijlstra

29 december 2010